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Our Instructors


Sensei Jerry Roy  Head Instructor

Chief Instructor, Sensei Jerry Roy is a 4th Dan and has been a student of the martials arts since the 1960's. Roy Sensei was introduced to Aikido in his home area in New England in 1968 when Aikido was first brought to the East Coast from Japan by Yamada Shihan. Roy Sensei, who had been a student of Judo was fascinated by the fluild and almost effortless motions of Aikido. Roy Sensei, a black belt in Shotokan Karate at the time, refused to believe what he saw but remained curious of this strange and powerful art. After a stint in the Army, Roy Sensei went looking for an Aikido instructor a rather difficult prospect in the early 1970's. He became a student of Clyde Takaguchi Sensei a 7th Dan and Chief Instuctor at Capital Akikkai where he is located in Maryland. In 1979, Roy Sensei brought Aikido to Northern Virginia where he founded the Northern Virginia Aikikai in Arlington, Virginia which now headed by his current instuctor Gordon Sakamoto Sensei 6th Dan. In 1984, Roy Sensei began the Dale City Aikikai which remains a part of the Northern Virgina Aikikai and member of the United States Aikido Federation. Roy Sensei is noted for his excellent teaching style which embodies the gentle spirit of Aikido mixed with humor and power.

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